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MC5 Paint Mixing Cups


Designed for the Painstshop Professional

Designed for the paintshop professional, the BAXT MC5 cup range has been carefully crafted to offer maximum ease of use.

Wide Variety of Features

The new MC5 range of paint mixing beakers are a premium product for the demanding professional.

  • Made from thick, rigid propylene for durability and long life
  • Accurate calibrations showing volume (in millimetres) and mixing ratios (2:1,3:1,4:1 and 5:1) which can be read from inside the cup for ease of use
  • Smooth finish on the inside allowing complete mixing
  • Supplied in a range of useful capacities: 400, 650, 1300, 2240cc
  • Lids are available to suit each size.


Part Number Description
PBMC5400 BAXT MC5 Premium Mixing Beaker 400ml  (200)
PBMC5650 BAXT MC5 Premium Mixing Beaker 650ml  (200)
PBMC51300 BAXT MC5 Premium Mixing Beaker 1300ml  (200)
PBMC52240 BAXT MC5 Premium Mixing Beaker 2240ml  (200)
PBMC5400L BAXT MC5 Lids Premium Mixing Beaker 400ml (50)
PBMC5650L BAXT MC5 Lids Premium Mixing Beaker 650ml (50)
PBMC51300L BAXT MC5 Lids Premium Mixing Beaker 1300ml (50)
PBMC52240L BAXT MC5 Lids Premium Mixing Beaker 2240ml (50)

Company Information

As global leaders in the manufacture and supply of high-quality refinishing products for the Automotive and Marine markets, we at BAXT work hard to provide products of exceptional quality that rival the big brands, but without the accompanying big brand price tag.  We are dedicated to ensuring our standards of innovation and product development remain consistently high, ensuring our customers never have to compromise on quality.

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