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CARBONite Abrasive Strip 70 x 198mm


Dust Reduction

Progressive catalyst coating ensures zero pilling or clogging and fends off dust

Fast Change, Enhances Productivity

Velour backing ensures quick and easy placement and removal from sanding equipment

Perfect Results

Uniform grain size, depth and spread of grit ensure consistent, even sanding. Perfect finish, first time

Robust Design

Tear and wear resistant, flexible paper backing enhances performance further

Innovative Design

Innovative nanoscopic repellent coating practically repels dust, prevents clogging and guarantees a super smooth sanding sensation.

70 x 198mm.


Part Number Description
ABSTCZ19840 BAXT CARBONite Strip 70x198mm P40
ABSTCZ19860 BAXT CARBONite Strip 70x198mm P60
ABSTCZ19880 BAXT CARBONite Strip 70x198mm P80
ABSTCZ198120 BAXT CARBONite Strip 70x198mm P120
ABSTCZ198180 BAXT CARBONite Strip 70x198mm P180
ABSTCZ198240 BAXT CARBONite Strip 70x198mm P240
ABSTCZ198320 BAXT CARBONite Strip 70x198mm P320
ABSTCZ198400 BAXT CARBONite Strip 70x198mm P400

Company Information

As global leaders in the manufacture and supply of high-quality refinishing products for the Automotive and Marine markets, we at BAXT work hard to provide products of exceptional quality that rival the big brands, but without the accompanying big brand price tag.  We are dedicated to ensuring our standards of innovation and product development remain consistently high, ensuring our customers never have to compromise on quality.

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